Japanese Beetle

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The Spring Tiphia Wasp —> for more information, please click here......

  1. Japanese beetle(JB)/Exotic scarabs (oriental beetle, (OB) Asiatic Garden Beetle, etc.) JB & exotic scarab larva (grubs) live in the soil and feed on plant roots
    Controls – Nematode Heterhabiditis bacteriophora (Hb). Parasites: 1) Tiphia vernalis – wasp attacks JB/OB grubs in the soil (www.drmcbug.com) Tricks – nemas, soil temperature must be above 60 degrees F. Critical to get healthy viable nematodes from a fresh, good source. Can refrigerate good nemas for 2-4 weeks. For Tiphia, Tulip poplar trees or a similar nearby nectar source is necessary to get high rates of parasitization.
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