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Predatory Beetles





Predatory Beetles:

1) Carabids - Low Dispersion - Black beetles 1/4 inch or larger, found commonly in fields. Most forage at night, climbing plants and eating caterpillars, aphids, and other soft-bodied insects. Larvae are also predatory and occur in the same habitat as the adults.

2) Lightning bugs (Lampyrids) and

Most lightning bugs are active at night; they are efficient predators similar to ladybugs Lightning bug on willow farmscaping at Appalachian State University's Research Farm. Lightning bugs will also feed on broccoli pests, too.


3) Soldier Beetles (Cantharidae) are also excellent predators of soft bodied insects like aphids. Soldier beetles like pollen from goldenrod, yarrow, parsnip, Queen Anne's lace and other fall flowers. Lightning bugs are the nocturnal equivalent of ladybugs. They eat aphids and caterpillars at night, when the day crew is sleeping.